Intersection Film

Why Egypt?

Egypt lies at the hub of three continents, thus providing easy access through convenient air, land & sea connections.

The locations and weather conditions of Egypt provide a wonderful atmosphere for film shooting. Considered by the world as one of the richest countries in terms of history, landscapes & culture, Egypt provides some of the most dramatically diverse & beautiful locations for filming & photography – from the most well preserved historic sites to modern city life; from magnificent beaches & underwater marine environments to golden sand dunes & deserts.

Egypt’s vast road network, surface transport and communication infrastructure are of the highest standard, making filming logistically hassle-free. The country has nearly 20 airports spread across different towns & cities as well as sea ports.

Egypt continues to be the heart and soul of the film industry of the Middle East. The artistic and cultural moorings of the region’s Film Production Industry began here, nearly 100 years ago, thus spawning a vast pool of talent in the various branches of the industry. They ensure the highest levels of production quality and speed of implementation.

Egypt is an important centre for the production of television programmes and soaps for the entire Middle East region.

Cairo, the capital city, has two film developing and printing laboratories. The local film industry regularly uses the latest equipment at all stages of production. There are exclusive studios for TV productions with in-house shooting floors as well as external locations. Studios at Cairo’s Media City are well-appointed for shooting while state-of-the-art post-production facilities, including linear and non-linear editing formats – Final Cut, Avid, Smoke, Flame and Inferno – are also available at many private studios.

Egypt is a very safe country with an excellent track record of law & order managed by one of the most efficient internal security systems. Permissions are required for filming in Egypt, so the early you apply, the better it is.