Intersection Film

Our Services

Film Productions

In 2004, Intersection launched itself in the feature film segment with its production, ‘Seeb Wana Aseeb’. In 2006, we produced another feature film, ‘Abdo Mawasem’.
Intersection has long-standing relations with almost every noteworthy creative & technical talent engaged in the field of Film-making & Communication Arts in Egypt. Consequently we are able to ramp up operations, if required, to undertake large & specialised assignments.

TV Productions

Intersection has the expertise and capability to produce TV programmes like documentaries, business news, soaps and musicals. We are collaborating with television channels from around the world to implement content-rich television productions.

Post Production

Intersection uses the most advanced authoring, editing and 2D/3D graphic platforms to implement Film and Video post-production assignments such as editing, compositing, graphic animation and special effects. Our team of computer graphic artists and operators are some of the best available in Egypt. Some have trained abroad before working here.

Rental House

In 1998, we enlarged our operations to include cine & video capture equipment hire. As a result, we lease out 35 mm, HDD & digital video cameras, cranes, dollies, lighting and audio facilities – encompassing all stages of production.

Film Services

Intersection provides international directors with all the assistance they require to execute any kind of filming project in Egypt. We help in location scouting & provide pre- and post-production services besides offering equipment on hire as per your specification. We offer local and international clients the entire spectrum of film production services, from script development to film shooting & editing.